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Want to start a new school year fresh and

with a solid plan?

Join myself and other teachers (Homeschool included!) in taking charge of how the new school year begins.

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We start Monday, July 20.

You've got this!

We will accomplish one task daily to reach a goal of being prepared for the school year. Each day will begin with a morning email with your task and encouraging support

for the day.

Yes, tasks will be specific for in-person teachers, homeschoolers, and virtual learning!

Join us each day live (or watch the replay) as I answer questions that could be holding you back from

taking each new step.

This is a free, 7-day challenge that will get you in the right mind set for starting a new school year with confidence and a solid plan for success. I will give you daily steps that are intentional and will help you reach a bigger goal of having a well-planned school year.

Enter your email in the box. Join me and other teachers who want and need support!

I help teachers with lesson planning. I know, especially now, it can be tough. I, along with other members, are rooting for you. You can do this!

Be a part of the ultimate planning challenge!

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